Wednesday, September 21, 2011

PT Bio Farma (Persero)

PT Bio Farma (Persero) is Indonesian state owned company (BUMN) engaged in Pharmacy industry. Since its establishment in 1890, Bio Farma has been active in supplying high quality vaccines and serum for people. Currently, Bio Farma is among of the largest vaccines manufacturer and supplier in the world. The company has also grown and developed into become the vaccines and serum manufacturer with International reputation. Currently PT Bio Farma (Persero) open opportunity to join as:
  1. [K-SC29] - Animal Laboratory
  2. [K-NS15] - Finance & Accounting
  3. [K-NS14] - Logistics
  4. [K-NS17] - Marketing, Sales & Distribution
  5. [K-SC31] - Production
  6. [K-SC25] - Production Plan & Inventory Control
  7. [K-NS16] - Quality Assurance
  8. [K-SC30] - Quality Control
  9. [K-SC32] - Research & Development
  10. [K-SC33] - Technic & Maintenance 
For further requirements and to apply each position, please apply at Bio Farma Career Webstite on following link. Applicants may fill out online only with closing date September 24, 2011. Please register first to view available job positions. 

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